Welcome to Shree Radhagovind Vidyamandir!

“Investing in learning reaps the greatest interests.”

The role and importance of education system could be best understood by the above lines, because knowledge is something which lasts with you forever. Shree Radhagovind Vidyamandir,Ninat, is located in the City of Paris- Bardoli. It is one of the best CBSE affiliated Educational Institute in Ninat,Bardoli, Gujarat. We firmly believe that Education is the catalytic tool that has the strength to transform the present and future of the youth and children of a nation. A pre-equipped education is the prerequisite for the smooth, operative and constant growth of a country. A well-established education system serves as a building block for a nation on which the entire socio-economic structure is built up. The goal of a sturdy and effective education system is something which every school cherishes in the present time.

Shree Radhagobind Vidyamandir,Ninat, Bardoli under the aegis of Shree Radhagovind Education and Charitable trust,Bardoli is one of the best institutes and it has helped in the educational, cultural, medical and social upliftment of that segment of community, which requires it the most. These efforts have benefitted individuals and made them responsible and independent citizens, very early in life. To achieve this end, the trust has school and college in Ninat, bardoli. It is providing education to more than 10,000 students directly or indirectly. The institute continue to provide quality education with stress on the KG to PG (kindergarten to post graduation) concept.

Shree Radhagovind Vidyamandir,Ninat strives to reach out and contribute in the making of tomorrow’s responsible citizens through quality education and teaching in a modern environment. It is a co-educational English medium school, with an aim to provide holistic comprehensive education with state-of-the-art-facilities. The best teaching professionals have been recruited to help young talents bloom into future leaders.

The willingness to learn for life is encouraged across all levels thus, expanding learning horizons beyond the four walls of the classroom. The school provides opportunities to excel and develop their innate talents helping every child to reach their potential and develop their personalities. Our mission and aim is to provide a learning community characterized by inquisitive, discerning, open minded and self – directed learners along with a sense of identity and belonging that will enrich our society. Our vision is to create well educated critical thinkers, problem anticipators and solvers, responsible and compassionate global citizens and preparing them to achieve highest standards in Education as well as in their lives.

The excellence in learning is the effort to teach young minds to learn and work well. We, at SRGV, are committed to personal excellence of each individual. We support learners’ inherit talent & Creativity by giving them platform to showcase their skills. We have different clubs to support their ideas and innovative skills. Learners are enjoying Talk shows with Personalities, arranging Business Fairs, managing events, clicking photographs, planting trees, making different projects, doing experiments, making Robots, performing Drama, participating in Sports at National & International Level, composing Music, Dance/debates/ Quizzes and much more along with Academics at SRGV.

Shree Radhagovind Vidyamandir, Ninat, aims at equipping the learners with a holistic and meaningful education with strong values for a developed personality. We place strong emphasis on the ability of learners to integrate knowledge across different disciplines and to develop their skills. The school provides an environment of high academic excellence to help young minds learn and achieve their goals. We strive & thrive for the Goal – “Embracing the Journey from Darkness to Light.”