Father’s Day Celebration

Father’s Day is a special occasion when we honor and appreciate the incredible contributions of fathers in our lives. At Shree Radhagobind Vidyamandir Ninat, Father’s Day celebration was a memorable event filled with love, joy, and heartfelt emotions. The Father’s … Continued

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is an annual event that unites people worldwide in a collective effort to protect and preserve our planet. Shree Radhagobind Vidyamandir, a beacon of education and awareness, recently celebrated this momentous day with great enthusiasm. With a … Continued

Teachers Training on NEP-2020

The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) is a comprehensive framework for transforming the education system in India. It has been designed to bring about fundamental changes in the way education is imparted in schools, colleges, and universities, with the … Continued